DJ Richard Durand VS – An Exclusive Interview

DJ Richard Durand VS – An Exclusive Interview

September 18, 2012 Off By BRHO STAFF


DJ Richard Durand Interview Hammarica Electronic Dance Music News

This year you pleasantly surprised a lot of people with your Richard Durand VS The World concept. With this concept you give out the stems of your music for people from around to work on. How did you enjoy all the entries so far and did you notice any differences in approach when you listened to various entries from different continents?

True differences related to the continents entries came from were absent in my opinion, but it is a pleasure to listen to them. Because whether they are good or not too great, they all surprise. And the collaborations I had and that are still on the schedule are great. You learn from each other; everyone has their own way of working which can be very inspiring.

The covers for the Richard Durand VS The World releases feature yourself as a superhero. Did the thought arise to dress up as a superhero for your performances? This might seem like a silly question, but we all know how successful people like Deadmau5 have become. And it might add to the entertainment value.

Ah he beat me to it 😉 No I’m afraid I would look a bit like a clown in such a suit which wouldn’t work to my advantage. Have you ever thought how hot it can get when you wear such a suit?

DJ Richard Durand Interview Hammarica Electronic Dance Music NewsEarlier this year you hosted your own In Search Of Sunrise event to kick of your world tour. Do you feel it is an extra challenge to create an event from scratch dedicated to yourself? Is there more preparation to it than any other gigs?

It’s always a challenge because I feel at such an event, I should play a lot of the new music from the In Search Of Sunsrise album, which at the time of performance no one is familiar with yet. Yet, there is no extra preparation involved for me personally – I make sure I have everything I need and I’l see how things flow when I’m there.


Richard Durand and dubstep. Will it happen? 🙂

haha, no !

You have remixed for the greats of EDM. Are there any new collaborations coming up?

Right now I’m doing a collab with Heatbeat. That record will be a part of the last VS The World EP which will be released simultaneously with the album.

Trance uses a lot of string sounds to give it that extra mood. Did the thought of hiring a live string section for your productions ever cross your mind? Do you think that would add to your music, or are you satisfied with the string sounds from synthesizers as they are?

haha, nice question. Nowadays (synthesizer) sounds are so good by itself that I don’t see the necessity of hiring a complete orchestra. In that sense I’m very satisfied with the sound palette I have at my hands to work with.

After a long day of work, what is your drink of choice?

No champaign nor vodka, but you would make me very happy with a cold glass of milk.

If there is one thing you could change in the EDM scene, what would that be?

Don’t know if I really wanted to change something. Yet, one thing that has both a positive and a negative site is the fact so many records are released. It’s great because you have a lot of choice when you play a gig, but on the other hand, the longevity of records become way shorter. Some years ago I could play one record time after time, perhaps even a whole year long. Now a lot of DJs tend to mostly play brand new music at gigs, which consequently cuts the life span of really good records.

A last word for your fans?

Thank you very much for all your ongoing support last year!