Hammarica.com Daily DJ Interview: REVOLVR

Hammarica.com Daily DJ Interview: REVOLVR

March 28, 2013 Off By BRHO STAFF


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Whether it’s through an irresistible house music hook or propulsive progressive production, the Las Vegas-based REVOLVR specializes in igniting emotions. Hands go up in the air and bodies shake when his fusion of styles pipes through the speakers. Revolvr will make an appearance on The DJ Sessions April 19th. Ahead of that we had an exclusive interview with him.


You quit your corporate job for EDM. Do you ever regret it?

I haven’t thought of it for a second!

The weirdest thing that ever happened during a performance?

Most of the weirdest things happen when I’m really drunk, so I don’t remember them…

Your current top 5?

– Bootik & Silvertongue – In My Head (Revolvr Remix)
– Showtek – Slow Down
– Zedd ft Foxes – Clarity (FTampa Remix)
– Knife Party – Internet Friends (Revolvr Bootleg)
– Lucky Date – Freak

Do you prefer remixing or original productions?

I love both.  In the Original making mode right now.

Name a vocalist you would love to collaborate with?

Sherry St Germain, and guess what, we just started!

Share a production trick native to your style.

Always listen to your tracks at low volume! Helps find elements that stick out in the mix.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Got a lot of stuff I’m SO excited about coming out this year! Also, not a lot of people know about how much Free Music I have to give away, so I urge them to hop over to my soundcloud.com/revolvr