Krön New Album Upcoming Release [Starting in April]

Krön New Album Upcoming Release [Starting in April]

March 7, 2019 Off By BRHO STAFF

Krön is bringing the heat up directly from Porto, Portugal with his next album “In’s & Out’s – A Deep-Tech Journey in Porto” and it will be a BOMB!
He is planning to release individual tracks every 2-3 weeks until the full album is released completely, making you feel all the flavors, emotions and amazing vibrations from the wonderful city, full of energy PORTO.



Starting the first release in the beginning of April and following up to spread his enjoyable, happy, emotional and profoundly colorful tracks!

You can check out his latest work on his social media and stay connected to catch his unique upcoming releases.

Krön quoted: “I try to make every track represent reality, the good things in life usually happen once in a certain way, and usually do not repeat themselves!”
Krön has been away from music because of a health related problem but now he is back with loads of strength, energy and WONDERFUL music!
So, STAY CONNECTED and spread the love of music!



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